Kids Ministry

Ages Birth - 7th Grade

We love kids!
ChurchPromo_1920x1080_YRO.jpegWe believe that when the church and the home partner together, kids are impacted for Christ at a greater level.

We utilize a curriculum called "Orange" that helps us do just that. The strategy believes that 2 influences are greater than 1. When the church and parents partner together, a greater impact can be made on the life of a child.

How do I learn more??
I'm glad you asked!

Check out these two ways that you can learn more about our priority of family ministry here at NCC and our process of partnering with parents by viewing this message.

Then, email the church office to opt in to receiving weekly emails from us that contain information about what your child is learning about on Sundays, and how you can continue the conversation at home during the week!

1st Time Visiting?
Step 1 - Start by filling out this online family registration form that gets you and your children in our check-in system. This will speed up the check in process when you arrive.

Step 2 - Arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of our 11am service.  Once you have entered the main doors, take a left and walk down the hallway.  You will spot a check in counter on your left.

Step 3 - Input the last 4 digits of your phone number on the screen, find your children, and check them in.   Each child will receive a security sticker, and you will receive a parent ticket that matches your children. If you have trouble, a volunteer will gladly help you and walk your children to the appropriate classroom.

Step 4 - Enjoy service while your children engage in meaningful worship, activity and conversation about following Jesus.   Once service is over, take your parent ticket to the classroom your child is in and they will be released!