As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

We were built for relationship.  We crave and need them in our lives.   From the beginning of creation man has built into him the desire to be in relationship with God and others.   As we read through Scripture, we see over and over that God's direction and call on our lives involves us being with others around us.  

We believe a vital part of our discipleship journey is to study God's in relational environments with others. These are opportunities for us to engage God's Word together by understanding it, discussing it and drawing application from it that changes our lives.    Doing this with others allows us to be discipled by others, and allows us the opportunity to disciple others.   We are in this together! 

Something for Everyone 

419 Groups

Jesus tells us to follow Him, allow Him to change us, and join Him on His kingdom expanding mission in the world (Matt. 4:19).   This is the foundational principle of 419 Groups. These groups are focused on following Jesus, allowing Him to change us, and engaging in His mission int he world.   We do this by engaging with scripture, discussing how that Scripture is challenging us, and then asking how God is changing our lives because of it, all within the context of a relational small group. . 

Studies & Care Groups

Each week we have groups and studies that meet to deeply engage God's word and understand it.   Some of these are larger and some are smaller groups.  These groups focus on deepening our knowledge and understanding of Scripture while also providing opportunity for people to build relationships with each other.   

Adults & Families

No matter if you are a single adult or married with kids, we have groups that will fit your needs and schedule.   We have a variety of groups meeting at multiple days and times to help fit your schedule and needs.   We have groups of mixed generations and we have groups of more specific ages.   We have groups that offer childcare and we have groups that do not.   Let us know what you are looking for in the form below and we can help you connect to the right group! 


We have several opportunities for Seniors to connect with others.  From groups to gatherings specific to Seniors, there are many opportunities to connect.   Take a moment to fill out the form below and be sure to notate that you are looking for opportunities for Seniors, and we can help you get connected! 


We love our military individuals and families and value connecting with them and ministering to them.    If you are active Air Force or Air Guard, or are making Cheyenne your home after retirement, our groups likely have someone for you to connect with.   

Children & Youth

We love our kids and teens! We have ministries and groups specifically for their ages, to help them connect with Jesus and others their age. Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings during our 11am service is there for birth through 6th graders, and Youth Ministry meets at the church on Sunday nights at 6pm. No matter the age, we have a group for you! 

Get connected to a small group!

We'd love to get you connected to a small group in your area. Fill out the form below to get started.

Our groups take place throughout the week at different locations.  Please use the form below to help us direct you to the best group! Be sure to include what group type, best day(s) of the week, and any other age or demographic information that is important to you.